Niki Christodoulou Pavlos Pavlou


This paper examines the problems and challenges that Cypriot returnees are expected to deal with upon their return to Cyprus after a sojourn abroad. A brief
history of immigration and repatriation from and to Cyprus is presented and the Cypriot immigrants’ linguistic repertoire in their host countries is described. The
study chiefly focuses on the educational issues returnees face in Cyprus as well as on some linguistic and social aspects of their life. The study shows that returnees’
limited competence in Greek poses a major obstacle in their education and is a factor that permeates all domains of their lives as they attempt to adjust and
function as productive members of Cypriot society. Finally, the paper proposes ways in which some of the returnees’ problems can be alleviated and overcome.



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“Repatriation Issues in Cyprus”. 2018. Cyprus Review 17 (2): 27-46. https://www.cyprusreview.org/index.php/cr/article/view/312.